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Need New
  • Tires
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
Credda Can Help.

  • 1 We make the purchase
  • 2 You make the payments
  • 3 The item is yours forever
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Approval in Under Five Minutes

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Take Your Items Home Today

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Not Your Grandaddy's Financing

Here’s how our leases work: even though Credda owns your purchase initially, you take your items home with you. Once your lease is paid off, you take full ownership and Credda is out of the picture.

Not an In-Store Credit Card

Credda gives you one simple lease tied to a single purchase. Once it’s paid off, your lease is done and your purchase is just that – yours. You can also return the item to us at any time with no additional obligation.

No Compounding Interest

Instead of charging interest like credit card companies do, Credda simply adds a markup to the initial price of your purchase. Once you start making payments, your balance can only go one direction: down.

The Process

in Five Minutes or Less
  • 1

    Fill out an application online. It’s short, simple, and you’ll get an approval decision in just a few minutes.

  • 2

    Choose your lease terms: initial payment amount, how often you make your payments, stuff like that.

  • 3

    Show your ID to the store and make your initial payment.

  • 4

    Take your stuff home!

And Don’t forget - Once Your Purchase is Paid Off, it’s Yours for Good!

Even More Proof That We've Got Your Back

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No Big "Gotcha" Fees

A late or bounced payment will cost you at most $10.

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Early Payoff Discount

Pay off your lease early for a discount, not a single question asked.

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Flexible Payment Options

Make payments weekly, monthly or something in between - the choice is completely up to you.

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Approval in Minutes

Over 99% of all Credda applications are decisioned in a few seconds.